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Matt Hovany pictured in December 2007 using Silver Emulsion Daguerreotype photography.

Matthew Hovany (1981 - ) is an American-born computer programmer narrowly regarded as the greatest programmer of the 21st century.



Early Years

Little is known about Matt Hovany's earlier years. Records reveal that he grew up in a North Suburb of Chicago, Illinois. At age 6, Matt was introduced to the Commodore 64 by his father, beginning a lifetime of anti-social technology related interests.

College Years

Matt Hovany matriculated at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in the late 20th Century. Matt majored in Computer Engineering in the University's College of Engineering. Several years of college were devoted to enhancing his graphic design and video gaming skills. The majority of his travels during these years involved the 168 mile trip to his family's home every other week to have his laundry done. In the winter of his senior year he traveled to Los Angeles, California and discovered a land without snow, speed traps, or toll roads.

Post College

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, Matt returned back to Chicago where he was hired full time by a leading web design company that had employed him part-time for the previous 3 years while at college. This position had given him experience with web application programming, web server administration, network administration, and graphic design. In 2004 Matt had moved to Los Angeles along with a former highschool friend and college roommate. Eventually Matt would be hired by one of the largest produce distributors in Southern California as a server administrator for their Linux based ERP server. This position would allow Matt the freedom to learn new programming languages and take on projects of personal interest. During the following 2 years gasoline prices in Los Angeles would approach $3.40/gallon and Matt would pursue freelance programming work to compensate. In 2006, one of these freelance clients would offer Matt a full time position as a software developer in Santa Monica. Matt specialized in a Content Management System called Sitecore. In 2009, Matt was recognized in the Sitecore MVP program, one of 13 developers worldwide that year.

Untimely Death

(Article Pending Research)



Starting at age 6, Matt Hovany would acquire many computer skills during the days spent not playing baseball, not camping, and not attending extra curricular clubs. Matt would acquire skills in MS-DOS, OS/2, Windows (3.1 through Server 2008, Windows 7), Linux, and OS X. In his time as a web designer he would attain professional level Photoshop skills. During his time in college and subsequent employment Matt would go on to learn skills in programming languages, markup languages, and frameworks such as: x86/IA-32 Assembly, ASP, ASP.Net 1.1 - 4.0, C++, C#, CSS, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Lisp, MVC.Net, OCaml, OpenGL, PHP, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Sitecore CMS as a Sitecore MVP, SQL (MSSQL and MySQL), Visual Basic Script and XML.

Spoken Languages

From middle school through highschool Matt would take 6 years of Spanish, which still proved insufficient to get around certain areas of Los Angeles. Matt would later take 3 years of Japanese in college, overwriting parts of the brain previously devoted learning Spanish. Compounding the mix-up of languages, Matt started learning Afrikaans in 2010 because hy wil in 'n ander taal kak praat.

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